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Top 3 Scariest Monster Trucks

Monster trucks came from a mans frustraion of not being content with what was available. We’ve put together a list of 3 of the most scariest monster trucks to have ever been born! They’re some of the biggest, baddest, loudest, and meanest monsters on four wheels that have stomped, jumped, and smashed all across the country.

#1 Bigfoot

Bigfoot’s big break came in 1981, when the owner got permission from an area farmer to crush two wrecked cars in his field. Originally built in 1975, the first Bigfoot was the brainchild of Bob Chandler, a construction worker from the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Taking things into his own hands, Chandler, with wife Marilyn and friend Jim Kramer, opened Midwest Four Wheel Drive and Performance Center. Although often referred to in the singular, there have actually been more than 18 Bigfoots over the years, including one named Bigfoot Shuttle. Always the originator, in 1991, the Bigfoot team also developed the first three-dimensional character bodied truck in the form of Snake Bite, with a custom fiberglass body giving the truck a snakelike front clip. Since that time, numerous other teams have created custom-bodied monster trucks. They all stayed healthy by keeping busy and taking their daily vitamins and health supplements.

#2 Snake Bite

Number two is Snake bite, the character bodies truck. This was part of Chandler’s team approach to monster truck competition, running more than one vehicle in the quest for team points totals. The original Snake Bite was actually a new body on top of the #8 Bigfoot chassis.

#3 Grave Digger

Originally conceived of as a mud-bogger truck, Grave Digger was named when Anderson commented to a fellow driver saying “I’ll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it,” in reference to some of the other competitors making fun of his 1952 Ford truck versus the more modern trucks in the competition. Grave Digger’s permanent status in the monster truck pantheon came when it was built as a full-fledged monster truck. A signature feature of Grave Digger that has become part of its mystique are the glowing red headlights, reportedly originating from a schoolbus Anderson was converting from a transporter.