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The Excitement of Monster Truck Racing

There is nothing quite as thrilling and exciting as sitting in the stands at a Monster Truck event and hearing the roar of the engines.  You can feel the vibrations and noise throughout your body.  The crowd cheers on right next to you and everyone seems to be having the time of their life!  This is what true entertainment and fun is all about and Slingshot loves to be a part of this thrill.

Unfortunately, sometimes this excitement can get overwhelming for people and can be overwhelmed.  We’ve seen it all too many times especially when there are underlying medical issues.  Having emergency support and readiness on hand is essential during these events.  We recently had a situation where there was an elderly couple enjoying and event and the woman simply got a little too overwhelmed and started having chest pain.  The noise of the crowd was so overwhelming it was difficult for her to call out for help but thankfully she was wearing a portable alert system made by LogicMark and called FREEDOM Alert.  All she had to do what push the simple button and it immediately contacted help and let them know where she was in the stands.

No matter what, we always want the attendees at the events to be safe and feel secure.  Some Monster Truck events have more than 10,000 people at them and for people with crowd issues, this can definitely be overwhelming.  A few tips to keeping yourself comfortable are to know your exits, come with a close friend or family member, having an emergency meeting spot outside the venue (in case you get separated) and always let someone who is not with you know when to expect you home.  Monster Truck events with Slingshot are meant to be awesome so don’t lose sight of that the next time you come!