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Monstah Lobstah!

Have you heard of the Monstah Lobstah? In 1996 Greg Winchenbach purchased his very first truch. Without a single spare part in the trailer and having never hit a set of cars in the truck, Winchenbach set out on the road. His first show would in Virginia, Salem at the Salem civi center against competition such as the Best, Mopar Magic, and Jersey Outlaw. In his very first freestyle, Greg would make a cheer off for the win with Mopar Magic and would sweep the wheelie contest the rest of the weekend.

Unfortunately at the next event a wild end over end roll during racing several damaged Monstah Lobstah. Greg did his best to keep the truck running but it would eventually have to be junked leaving Greg back at square one.

With a destroyed chassis tor ebuild and no parts to do so Greg has to find a tempoary driving job with another team, so he filled in for Devil’s Dodge. After a few shows he was able to meet up with Calvin Carrington during the 1998 tour of New England driving the Undertaker and Rattlesnake trucks.

Returning from this tour, Greg realized that the only way to do monster trucking right was to have a shop, tools and spare parts. The realization also began to set in that rebuilding the old chassis just wasn’t going to happen. In 2000 Greg called Dan Patrick and ordered a new chassis, but it sat for month with Greg didn’t have time to work on it.

After a few random jobs he completed his new shop and started Mountain Road Repair. This left little time to work on his monster truck between opening a new business and spending time with family. He also had to work on getting healthy again by using supplements to help maintain his weight, view this site for more info.


Greg attended all monster truck events for inspiration.

Then around 2008 Greg had built up his business enough to hire an employee to help run it so he would have more time for his loved hobby. Almost 10 years after purchasing the chassis from Dan, he set to work on the truck! At this point he did not have a name for it yet. After discussing this with friends and family, he came up with the idea to make his monster truck into a Maine lobster, since that is where he was from. Greg’s crustacean creation was a reality. CRUSHSTATION, to be exact.