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Making Monster Trucks a Family Affair

Monster Truck 2Lately, my younger brother has had this sudden obsession with monster trucks. No, not just the toy monster trucks- I mean, the big bad monster trucks that I’ve only really seen in movies.

Because of his newly acquired obsession to these large automobiles, I thought it would be cool to actually bring him to one of the shows that was happening a few hours away from our city.

Let me tell you something, if you’re anything like me and you have no idea how big monster trucks are… they are HUGE! I was in so much awe when I actually saw those machines for the first time plus, the cool paint jobs and designs they added on to them aren’t a bad thing either.

As I was watching the show, I couldn’t help but wonder if the monster truck drivers were taking any kind of supplements. You could tell that they worked out from their sculpted arms so I just kept thinking the entire time that it would’ve been great if they were taking Fenugreek. One of the many Benefits of Fenugreek is known to increase ones energy levels and give the users a little more strength, as well. After all, with all that heavy machine handling they sure looked like they could need a little help.

A lot of the monster truck drivers definitely looked like they take testosterone; they possibly are using Fenugreek Testosterone supplements especially to aid them in working out and building muscle. Handling those monster trucks did not look like an easy job to do and maybe if they had taken the supplement, it could improve their steering and driving game more.

Needless to say, the night ended perfectly and my brother was extremely happy about my surprise adventure for him. I’m really glad that I was able to have that bonding moment with my brother… even if most of the time my thoughts were somewhere else.