Monstah Lobstah!

Have you heard of the Monstah Lobstah? In 1996 Greg Winchenbach purchased his very first truch. Without a single spare part in the trailer and having never hit a set of cars in the truck, Winchenbach set out on the road. His first show would in Virginia, Salem at the Salem civi center against competition such as the Best, Mopar Magic, and Jersey Outlaw. In his very first freestyle, Greg would make a cheer off for the win with Mopar Magic and would sweep the wheelie contest the rest of the weekend.

Unfortunately at the next event a wild end over end roll during racing several damaged Monstah Lobstah. Greg did his best to keep the truck running but it would eventually have to be junked leaving Greg back at square one.

With a destroyed chassis tor ebuild and no parts to do so Greg has to find a tempoary driving job with another team, so he filled in for Devil’s Dodge. After a few shows he was able to meet up with Calvin Carrington during the 1998 tour of New England driving the Undertaker and Rattlesnake trucks.

Returning from this tour, Greg realized that the only way to do monster trucking right was to have a shop, tools and spare parts. The realization also began to set in that rebuilding the old chassis just wasn’t going to happen. In 2000 Greg called Dan Patrick and ordered a new chassis, but it sat for month with Greg didn’t have time to work on it.

After a few random jobs he completed his new shop and started Mountain Road Repair. This left little time to work on his monster truck between opening a new business and spending time with family. He also had to work on getting healthy again by using supplements to help maintain his weight, view this site for more info.


Greg attended all monster truck events for inspiration.

Then around 2008 Greg had built up his business enough to hire an employee to help run it so he would have more time for his loved hobby. Almost 10 years after purchasing the chassis from Dan, he set to work on the truck! At this point he did not have a name for it yet. After discussing this with friends and family, he came up with the idea to make his monster truck into a Maine lobster, since that is where he was from. Greg’s crustacean creation was a reality. CRUSHSTATION, to be exact.


Top 3 Scariest Monster Trucks

Monster trucks came from a mans frustraion of not being content with what was available. We’ve put together a list of 3 of the most scariest monster trucks to have ever been born! They’re some of the biggest, baddest, loudest, and meanest monsters on four wheels that have stomped, jumped, and smashed all across the country.

#1 Bigfoot

Bigfoot’s big break came in 1981, when the owner got permission from an area farmer to crush two wrecked cars in his field. Originally built in 1975, the first Bigfoot was the brainchild of Bob Chandler, a construction worker from the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Taking things into his own hands, Chandler, with wife Marilyn and friend Jim Kramer, opened Midwest Four Wheel Drive and Performance Center. Although often referred to in the singular, there have actually been more than 18 Bigfoots over the years, including one named Bigfoot Shuttle. Always the originator, in 1991, the Bigfoot team also developed the first three-dimensional character bodied truck in the form of Snake Bite, with a custom fiberglass body giving the truck a snakelike front clip. Since that time, numerous other teams have created custom-bodied monster trucks. They all stayed healthy by keeping busy and taking their daily vitamins and health supplements.

#2 Snake Bite

Number two is Snake bite, the character bodies truck. This was part of Chandler’s team approach to monster truck competition, running more than one vehicle in the quest for team points totals. The original Snake Bite was actually a new body on top of the #8 Bigfoot chassis.

#3 Grave Digger

Originally conceived of as a mud-bogger truck, Grave Digger was named when Anderson commented to a fellow driver saying “I’ll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it,” in reference to some of the other competitors making fun of his 1952 Ford truck versus the more modern trucks in the competition. Grave Digger’s permanent status in the monster truck pantheon came when it was built as a full-fledged monster truck. A signature feature of Grave Digger that has become part of its mystique are the glowing red headlights, reportedly originating from a schoolbus Anderson was converting from a transporter.


Monster Truck Racing Can Be Your Next Source of Excitement

Monster truck racing came into the scene during the 1980s. It has then become a popular source of entertainment for many Americans. It has become so famous that television shows have been produced. This is to allow fans of the sport to become one with the all the action involved even though they are not near the racetrack at the moment.

Its popularity did not stop there; today, there are different kinds of media were fans can enjoy their love for monster truck racing. Apart from the coverage on television shows, there are already video games where the player can control their very own monster truck through the controls of their gaming consoles. There are also magazines dedicated to telling the world about updates and news about the sport and about the vehicles involved.

How can monster truck racing be exciting?

truckFor a number of reasons; for instance, they’re big – like REALLY BIG. If you’re a huge fan of watching huge robots duking it out in movies, then this might be the next best thing. Except that it’s real and there’s no firearms involved.

Seeing large monster trucks vying for the first place on their very own race can be exhilarating. There will be those adrenaline rush moments in which a monster truck may be close to crashing then recovers to get back on the race. If you’re the type of person that gets excited too quickly, just make sure that you hold on to your important breastfeeding belongings, like your Medela Pump in Style Tubing, when you’re cheering for your favorite truck.

If you’re still curious as to why monster truck racing should be the next item on your list to watch, then why not try it out for yourself? Watch a show; it may be live or in the television. Be warned, you might get hooked.

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Making Monster Trucks a Family Affair

Monster Truck 2Lately, my younger brother has had this sudden obsession with monster trucks. No, not just the toy monster trucks- I mean, the big bad monster trucks that I’ve only really seen in movies.

Because of his newly acquired obsession to these large automobiles, I thought it would be cool to actually bring him to one of the shows that was happening a few hours away from our city.

Let me tell you something, if you’re anything like me and you have no idea how big monster trucks are… they are HUGE! I was in so much awe when I actually saw those machines for the first time plus, the cool paint jobs and designs they added on to them aren’t a bad thing either.

As I was watching the show, I couldn’t help but wonder if the monster truck drivers were taking any kind of supplements. You could tell that they worked out from their sculpted arms so I just kept thinking the entire time that it would’ve been great if they were taking Fenugreek. One of the many Benefits of Fenugreek is known to increase ones energy levels and give the users a little more strength, as well. After all, with all that heavy machine handling they sure looked like they could need a little help.

A lot of the monster truck drivers definitely looked like they take testosterone; they possibly are using Fenugreek Testosterone supplements especially to aid them in working out and building muscle. Handling those monster trucks did not look like an easy job to do and maybe if they had taken the supplement, it could improve their steering and driving game more.

Needless to say, the night ended perfectly and my brother was extremely happy about my surprise adventure for him. I’m really glad that I was able to have that bonding moment with my brother… even if most of the time my thoughts were somewhere else.

Handling Monster Trucks

Monster TruckHandling monster trucks are not easy things. They are bad ass, heavy and definitely not a force to be reckoned with! Well, of course, those are the main reasons why we love them in the first place, right?

A lot of monster truck drivers will tell you that they’ve been training to drive their beauties for quite a while now. Can you just remember how hard it was when you started learning how to drive a regular car? Now imagine driving an oversized vehicle over slumps of mud, rocky terrains and screaming fans from all directions… talk about one hell of an adrenaline rush!

Most drivers share the common experience when it comes to getting into the business of monster truck driving. Most of them will tell you that they have an extreme love for extreme sports, heavy machinery and of course, driving. They most likely have training and experience in motorsports like mud racing and off-road driving.

Most drivers are also extremely fit and none of them hardly have beer bellies or are out of shape. It’s important that these young men and women are physically fit with strong upper and lower body strength which is important when it comes to pedaling and gear shifting. It would not be impossible to see monster truck drivers in the gym getting their physique on and even taking testosterone supplements such as UniqueHoodia which has been a popular supplement in the market lately.

Aside from this, monster truck drivers are known to pay a lot of times with their vehicles. This is a very big requirement when it comes to this profession since a driver must create the perfect machine that will endure heavy beating.

They spend a lot of time building, mastering and improving their vehicles so that they can build a great career and eventually get invited to the prestigious events in the world of monster truck driving. It’s a long and tedious path to get to the top but the joys are certainly awarding.

Many drivers have become mini celebrities, are sponsored and have acquired global recognition among monster truck enthusiasts.

This just goes to show that if you put your heart into your craft then you are bound to reach any goal that you have set for yourself.

The road to success is oftentimes bumpy but if you’re a monster truck driver, bumps and hard turns are just one of the things they deal with on a daily basis.

The Excitement of Monster Truck Racing

There is nothing quite as thrilling and exciting as sitting in the stands at a Monster Truck event and hearing the roar of the engines.  You can feel the vibrations and noise throughout your body.  The crowd cheers on right next to you and everyone seems to be having the time of their life!  This is what true entertainment and fun is all about and Slingshot loves to be a part of this thrill.

Unfortunately, sometimes this excitement can get overwhelming for people and can be overwhelmed.  We’ve seen it all too many times especially when there are underlying medical issues.  Having emergency support and readiness on hand is essential during these events.  We recently had a situation where there was an elderly couple enjoying and event and the woman simply got a little too overwhelmed and started having chest pain.  The noise of the crowd was so overwhelming it was difficult for her to call out for help but thankfully she was wearing a portable alert system made by LogicMark and called FREEDOM Alert.  All she had to do what push the simple button and it immediately contacted help and let them know where she was in the stands.

No matter what, we always want the attendees at the events to be safe and feel secure.  Some Monster Truck events have more than 10,000 people at them and for people with crowd issues, this can definitely be overwhelming.  A few tips to keeping yourself comfortable are to know your exits, come with a close friend or family member, having an emergency meeting spot outside the venue (in case you get separated) and always let someone who is not with you know when to expect you home.  Monster Truck events with Slingshot are meant to be awesome so don’t lose sight of that the next time you come!